The Difference Between Soft and Hard Backpack Armour

Soft armor is a popular option for body armour. It is made of high-performance fibers such as nylon, aromatic polyamide synthetic fiber, or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. These high-performance fibers have excellent toughness and molding properties. They also weigh less than metal armor and are easier to wear. Many people question whether such a light armor is effective against bullets. However, it is proven that the impact force from a bullet dissipates to the periphery of the impact point and the bullet consumes the majority of its kinetic energy.

In addition to providing protection against bullets, soft body armor also offers other benefits, including increased comfort and portability. The side-entry pockets are large and deep enough to accommodate duty gloves. Five uniform buttons, hidden two-way zipper pulls, and radio mic attach points ensure an appearance of uniformity. Some armor is antimicrobial and is highly breathable, while others are designed to protect the wearer’s skin while still being light and comfortable.

Hard armor is typically heavier and provides less protection than soft armor. It is a good idea to wear hard armor if the threat is low-powered and aimed at the body. While both types of body armour are effective in combat, they aren’t as effective against larger threats. It’s best to protect yourself with both. For the best results, consider wearing both types of body armour. You’ll be glad you did.