Types of Backpack Armor

Soft armor is a type of body protection that is designed to protect you against harm from bullets, grenades, and other types of impact. Most pieces of soft body armor are not as heavy as hard armor, making them a good choice for tactical situations. They are made from fabric-like materials, and can be worn under a uniform or other protective gear. Typically, soft armor comes in vest form, and is relatively light.

BulletSafe soft armor vests are highly breathable and flexible, promoting range of motion and breathability. Designed to fit comfortably underneath clothing, BulletSafe vests are perfect for everyday use. Unlike conventional body armor, BulletSafe vests are designed with wrap-around pockets and a 600-denier polyester carrier. You can even upgrade to Level IV protection if you need to, as BulletSafe vests are modular. They are also highly protective, allowing you to customize your vest as needed.

There are two types of hard armor: Level III and Level IV. Both provide excellent protection against bullets, grenades, and other high-velocity weapons. For the highest level of protection, hard armor plates should be chosen. However, the level of protection you get depends on the level of threat you’re facing. Some level II armor is less effective against rifle rounds, while Level IV armor is more resistant to high-velocity rounds.

Another option for hard-plate armor is ceramic. These plates are made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber composite backing layers. Unlike steel, however, Chinese plates can resist bullets in their tile area, but they are not stab-proof and don’t pass H.P. White’s testing (more information). A hard-plate plate that passes H.P. White’s test will most likely not survive. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, consider purchasing one made by a Chinese manufacturer.